How To Avoid Buying A Perfume With Buyer’s Regret

The fact that each ESNC Women Perfumery is discreetly individual to the person makes it all the more precious. Each person has their own unique fragrance. One of the most frustrating things about buying a fragrance is that it smells different on everyone.

The two main types of shoppers are those who love variety and are faithful to a brand. No matter which category you fit into, choosing the right perfume can be a challenge. One hand the variety of scents available in the market is overwhelming, making it hard to decide which one to buy. Each product is different in terms of undertones or tones. There are also hundreds of products to choose from. Manufacturers are also aware of what we want and launch fragrances that have a lot of top notes. This may well be a disappointment after a couple of minutes. It is important to choose a scent with a unique flavour that will blend well and stay on for ages.

To avoid buying a bad perfume, we have gathered some helpful tips from the premium fragrance shop of Delhi.

Get ready

When you shop for perfume, you’ll want to revisit the stall. Do not wear deodorants or moisturizers, including unscented products. Shop in a mall or store where you have a good selection. It will allow you to test the fragrance for some time before buying it. Bring a notepad and pen.

Research beforehand

Your favourite brands pay their content marketers a fortune to make the best descriptions possible of the scents. They are also required to do an excellent job of describing the scents. Look at the latest models and brands you love and take note.


Let the salesperson know your tastes and preferences. Select two to four of your favorite fragrances. Place them somewhere on each wrist and on one arm. Choose the fragrance you prefer after a little time. Roaming around and having a coffee is a good idea.

Then, rather than slapping down the first thing you find appealing on a sheet of paper, let the deeper undertones surface.